About Me

There’s no other place I would rather be than at the feet of Jesus. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the answer to everything, for everyone, and I long to make sure His gospel is proclaimed for all to hear so they can accept His invitation to a journey towards wholeness, just as I have received.

I know what it’s like to overcome. I’ve lived a whole lot of life in a short amount of time. The one thing that has brought me through it all is the relationship I have with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe with every fiber of my being that only Jesus can completely save, heal, restore and redeem lives. I have experienced this truth personally, and intimately.

I try to let my passion, that everyone would believe in the true God of the Bible by knowing Him intimately through reading His word, shine through everything I do. My heart is to share with you how the Bible displays the love of Jesus revealed to us and can be used to heal our hurting hearts, to revive our weary souls, and to give us shelter in the midst of life’s storms and trials.

The disclaimer: EVERYTHING on this website is my very own, including the photography, unless otherwise noted. Occasionally I will have affiliate links and they will be specified.

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