Mama TC’s Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen!

Growing up I was always close by when my mom was doing anything with food. From bringing in loads of goodies from the garden to digging my wee hands into a bowl full of cold ground beef to mix the meatloaf, I was there, always watching, always helping. As I got older, I quickly became the family cook making big meals for a household of 8 to satisfy our bellies. Even my first job was at a local greasy spoon where I worked my way up from a dishwasher at 14 to a line cook by age 16. Over the years I would work in just about every role a kitchen or restaurant has to offer. And I liked it.

Now, as a homemaker, I am able to prepare meals for my family. I have never felt like I’m truly where I’m supposed to be than when I’m taking care of my home and family. I was made for this!

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